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When Anxiety and Depressed Mood Are Affecting Your Child’s Life

Just like with teens and adults, when your child feels sad, worried, upset, and not in control of his moods this can be very scary for both for him AND for you. Children often hide and avoid their feelings and at times are fully unaware of what is truly going on for them. Their feelings are also reflected in their actions, which can at times be destructive for themselves and the people around them.

In our Interactive Counselling sessions, I will first listen to what is going on with your child. This 'information' comes from both you the parent and from your child.

Your child may wish to express himself in many ways: with words; through drawings; and in movement. He is in charge of what helps him communicate what is going on for him.

Intrinsically, when meeting children where they are, my young clients are more open and engaged and therefore more successful in finding their voices. This alters their negative experiences, and in turn allows them to become happier and healthier children.

During sessions with me, your child will learn to better identify his feelings (emotional literacy); ways in which to communicate these feelings more successfully to the people in his life (be it parent, sibling, peer); what to do with his overflowing or overwhelming feelings; and finally change his actions and outlook in many different daily situations. Practical and easily implemented relaxation and stress-management techniques, appropriate energy-expelling exercises, self-control options and reframing, and an overall better understanding of who your child is and how he operates in his world will allow him be more at home in himself and in turn in his life.

You, the parent, as your child’s most caring and avid advocate and mentor, will help your young person make use of the above tools and techniques that he is learning in counselling. Int his way you can help your child successfully transfer the new ways to operate to his day-to-day lives.

In Interactive Counselling your child will learn many skills that that he can carry throughout his life. To better know themselves, to be clearer about what he needs, and in turn how to best communicate these needs to others, is a great recipe for his future.

Dealing with Trauma

Has your child experienced something bad that she cannot seem to forget or let go of?

Does she repeatedly speak about it or have their play revolve around it? Have you noticed a sense of fear or insecurity that was not present prior to this event?

Sometimes, no matter our age, a dramatic event, no matter the size or content, can stick with us and no matter how we try we just cannot shake it.

Using a straightforward, gentle, and child-approved technique such as EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) and specific stress-management and containment techniques, I can help your child put that memory and reactions away so that it does not continue to cause a negative response or reaction in your child.

Dealing successfully with a hurtful, confusing, scary, or traumatic event is possible. Your child and I can do it together.

Shauna Gray, MA, R-DMT, RP

Interactive Therapist, Registered Psychotherapist, Expressive Arts Therapist

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