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Being the Best Parent You Can Be

Let’s be frank; Parenting is hard. To be a kid in this day and age is harder than it ever has been before, which makes parenting an even bigger challenge.

These days our kids experience high levels of judgment, pressure, and stressors, whether it be in the form of peer issues, bullying, body image, low self-esteem, or even the negative and unrelenting impact of the media, which can lead them to feeling upset, anxious, and negative in their moods.

When our children are unhappy, it makes us both heartsick and distressed. Consequently, when we are in an upset and unsettled state, we are not at our best, and thus our children cannot benefit as fully from our guidance, support, and unconditional love.

In reaction, children can become insular and feel less connected to the very people who can provide them with the solid guidance and loving platform from which they can best move forward from these difficult places, negative moods, and sometimes their unhelpful, unhealthy, and destructive behaviours.

Through your own counselling process we will investigate your parental strengths and pitfalls and then explore your individual child’s needs and stressors. You will learn and then implement specific tools to best assist your child through these harder times, therefore making the bonds you already so beautifully have with them become even stronger. It will you to be more readily available and helpful to your beautiful child.

Parenting Through Your Separation/Divorce As aTEAM

When people are ending their marital relationships, it is often impossible to be the parent they wish to be for their most favourite people in the world: their children.

In my specific TEAM approach to counselling, you will learn how to best support and help your child during this new and often scary transition in his/her life, and in yours.

First we will identify your own hurt and perhaps angry feelings and discover how to best separate them out from your child’s, as well as how to best manage them.

Secondly, with the help of your children, listen to and affirm his/her feelings and acknowledge their needs. Sessions occur both individually and as a TEAM.

And thirdly, as a parent in this TEAM, we will design how you can best deal with the big emotions that are occurring. We will assist you and your child in managing the day-to-day requirements of your child’s evolving life, while at the same time honouring your own process and needs.

Working together with your child from a place of child-focused clarity creates an ideal situation for your young one to grow through this transition emotionally intact in his/her current life and their future relationships.

Shauna Gray, MA, R-DMT, RP

Interactive Therapist, Registered Psychotherapist, Expressive Arts Therapist

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