Parenting Through Your Divorce. Help Is Here!

Divorce creates a new, negative, and often traumatic situation for all to navigate. Children feel divorce wholly, in all areas of their lives and being and, more than ever, need to rely on their loving parents for help.

Unfortunately their parents are often struggling with their own feelings of sadness, anger, and loss, making it difficult to be present, clear-headed, and available to tend to the new and intense emotional needs of their children.

I want to help you support your children in the way that they need during this transition.

I know first-hand the worry, frustration, as well as emotional and logistical upheaval this life change can take on parents and their children. I have helped many families navigate these trying times and come out even stronger on the other side.


I use a unique TEAM approach that includes both one-on-one and integrated sessions with you and your child.

Together, you emerge as a newly configured and even stronger TEAM.

Building a New TEAM

Using this TEAM approach, I will help you uncover and make clear your child's individual and evolving needs during the various stages of this life transition. Not only will you become the most supportive and stable TEAM mentor for your child, you will do so while still honouring and meeting your own needs.

You will learn To:

Your child will learn to:

Shauna Gray, MA, R-DMT, RP

Interactive Therapist, Registered Psychotherapist, Expressive Arts Therapist

  • • Individualized
  • • Insightful
  • • Integrated

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