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Adults & Parents

"Shauna has a way of working with you where you feel that you are moving together towards the places you want to go in your life. She is inviting and open. You feel respected and supported. Very positive experience."
- Stacey, client dealing with anxiety, depression, and challenging life transitions

"Working through trauma on top of having ongoing pain and cognitive issues is a very specialized area of care. Shauna works with me on my difficulties in a way I am able to understand and apply in my daily life with success."
- Craig, Motor vehicle accident survivor with a traumatic brain injury

"During my marriage separation, both I and my children were struggling - a lot! Shauna helped me discover and sort through my overwhelming personal feelings, taught me how to better soothe myself and how to begin to move forward during this time of intense feelings and new situations. As well, I discovered with the help of my sons what they needed both individually, and what was best for them as the team that they are. She was a pool of helpful and realistic information and a mentor for me during this time of big feelings and life disruption. My sons and I are now a stronger, more connected family, and for that I am grateful."
- Bruno, a separating father of 2

"My personal struggles were getting in the way of my being the parent I wanted to be for my daughter. With Shauna I was able to better sort out own my personal needs and work on my growth areas and in turn I could be my best parent for my daughter. Very, very helpful. "
-Maria, an evolving person and parent


"I didn't like the idea of going to someone to 'talk', to help with the things in my life that were bad. Shauna was easy to spend time with and I learned lots of things to keep myself on track and happy, more in control of my feelings and reactions. Now I don't need to see Shauna so often. My life is good, but when I need help I know she is there."
-Patricia, a gifted teen with anxiety and depression issues

"I was attacked by a dog and then I was afraid of them and all animals. I was worried about going outside 'cause I might see one. I felt scared and stuck. My doctor recommended I see a therapist who could help me with these fears and I saw Shauna. I wasn't scared anymore and I was able to go to school without being so worried and upset. By the last session my fear of animals had stopped. I even got a puppy for my birthday!"
-Tyrell, young teen who had been traumatized


"Shauna is my helper. She helps me notice when I am getting sad, what is making me mad, and helps me know what to do about it. She isn't like a real adult; she is fun and easy to talk to. We talk, breathe, imagine nice places, draw, dance, and even sometimes play basketball. She says it's easier to talk when we are doing stuff. I think so too. Going to see Shauna is good and I feel better."
-Sinaed, age 7

"My parents are getting divorced. I am really sad and really mad. Every week I go to Shauna and we talk. I tell her what bugs me, what scares me, and what I wish was happening. I love both my parents and she understands this. She kind of translates what I feel and what I need to my mom, then mom understands me more. That helps."
-Cam, age 12

"As an educator Shauna is dynamic and delivers the information to my students in a fun and interactive manner. The students are totally engaged and love when she instructs. Great experience."
- Ms. Jen, grade 2 teacher who hosts the Roots of Empathy program for which Shauna is an elite instructor

Shauna Gray, MA, R-DMT, RP

Interactive Therapist, Registered Psychotherapist, Expressive Arts Therapist

  • • Individualized
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